Official Website of NIDO America Chicago Chapter
7. Provide linkages, policy input, and guidance to the Nigerian Government.
4. Promote unity, ethnic understanding, and communication among Nigerian organizations and individuals in America.
2. Build Information resource-sharing structures by facilitating the discovery and transfer of Nigerian professionals in Diaspora to Nigeria's public and private sectors to enhance its development.
5. Provide support to other Nigerian organizations to accomplish their good intentions towards nation building.


6. Promote civic awareness and advocacy in matters affecting, and issues vital to NIDOA's constituency.

1. Harness Nigerian Diaspora Resources by leveraging Nigerian Diaspora economic, human, and technology resources for Nigeria's development.  
8. Positively enhance the image of Nigeria to strengthen business and travel, as well as facilitate and encourage foreign investment in Nigeria's economy. 

3. Mobilize vast support, and promote cooperation and networking among Chicagoland and other Nigerian Diasporans.